Pratik Naik - Solstice Retouch


Artist & course information

Pratik Naik will discuss the entire process and techniques of retouching focusing with great attention upon beauty and commercial retouch.
He will showcase his techniques and explain the process behind the practicalities of retouching, including the why and when specific retouching methodologies are employed. This practical and thorough series will teach you how to retouch beauty, fashion and commercial shots to make it naturally perfect while not being digitally obvious.
You will learn everything from redefining lips, sharpening eyes, perfecting the face features, adding and removing makeup, adjusting skin tones and the most challenging hair correction as well as creating the background and elegant lighting adjustments to produce that “high end magazine” output.

This makes for a thorough and complete learning tool. You walk away with the knowledge needed to competently evaluate an image, envision the result in the mind’s eye, plan the process and execute the work needed to achieve the vision.

You will get to watch and follow along with Pratik as he retouches images while having him look over your shoulder ensuring that you are able to follow along.
You will also get a chance to ask questions along the way. You can also bring your own files and question as we will be saving additional time at the end to ensure your individual questions are answered in case you have ones that relate specifically to your work.

You will watch and follow Pratik retouch an image while explaining and afterwards get the chance to retouch on your own laptop with Pratik looking over your shoulder.

Location - Copenhagen, Denmark