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Fjern mystikken i lyslægning og redigering


what is all of this ? 

"Manipulate it" is your source to online photography and retouch workshops, on location workshops and video tutorials.
Manipulate it is the brainchild of photographer and retoucher Dennis Møller who is  based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.
3 years ago I started to host workshops with the idea of offering photographers and retouchers who craved new input, new workflows and techniques a chance to learn from the best in the world in their fields. My main priority has always been to arrange workshops with limited seats, so every attendee gets the most out of the experience.
That way the intimacy is kept intact and there will be time for dialogue and questions.

As a working photographer I know quality, what the client wants and expects. 
I know that to compete in a marked that's moving so quickly, we need to better ourselves as much as we possible can. 
And becoming a better photographer/retoucher only comes from seeking out new knowledge, which can be a painful journey of wasted money, time and energy.
By focusing on workshops with working professionals we can go straight to the source and raise the bar for ourselves and create
a better working environment that focuses on quality over quantity. 

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I've had the pleasure of working with Dennis Møller for three years.
Being able to conduct a successful workshop has always started with a great organizer. This is why I've been teaching multiple events in Denmark over the last few years, he takes all the worry out of organizing an event so that I can focus on teaching and giving my best to each event.
Dennis understands the photography industry as well as what students look for in a workshop.
I can say that in all of my years as an instructor, I always look forward to coming to Denmark knowing that I'll have a worry-free and successful event.

— Pratik Naik - Solstice Retouch.

I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop that Dennis Møller organised.
He made the entire experience a pleasure from start to finish.
I was truly impressed with his communication and organisational skills which explains why everything flowed so smoothly.
As a photographer himself, he understands how to provide information to people wanting to better their craft.
Dennis was always open to ideas when it came to creating a workshop that was full of substance as well as providing some great ideas too.
Many thanks to Dennis for a wonderful time in Denmark and for putting together a workshop that was a great experience for myself and for the students too!

- Bella Kotak

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